2012 Calendar

This week, two scans from my Calendar. I made these originally for the Halifax Pop Explosion’s Zine Fair. A friend offered to sell them for me (I was at work) and they failed in the eleventh hour. Lucky for me, I finished them up anyways. They turned out well and turned out to be a hit! The calendarscan now be found at SEEDS Gallery, the shop for student and alumni work.

When I made them, I drew an image a day and missed one, so the images were all drawn in thirteen days and the boxes were drawn in just a few. Then I photocopied and bound them!! They’re so handsome.

The experience of working through something so quickly was really satisfying. The repetitiveness of the task allowed me to become familiar with the subject matter and make drawings that were more and more refined. It also let me experiment a little more. I found myself coming up with ideas when I wasn’t working. Creativity through the process of doing. It was an interesting experience, and really got me going.

I think I’ll do one again next year and I’m not as intimidated by print media. If I DO go for it, I’ll be sure to start with full knowledge of the supplies available to me, though. Apparently 8 x 20 paper isn’t a standard size for photocopiers! Who knew!!

Here are the images I promised, they’re photocopies of my drawings, 8×10.



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