So I guess what happened is that I got elected as president of my student union, made one piece of art this summer and then didn’t take photos for a while. Never fear, all of my bad habits have been broken, even that pesky one that kept me from working enough in the studio! I’m back after a wonderful talk from my studio teacher.

So I’m thinking I’ll post these now and explain a little more about the work in the next, related post.

I’m still working with houses and I started this term a little bewildered and have kind of been turning sketches into larger drawings. Mind you these drawings aren’t particularly large. The first two have to do more with neighbourhoods and the third is a riff on the idea of many people coming together in close proximity. I’ve been thinking about things like the status symbol of houses and the way that houses bring us together in community yet separate us in a way. I’m also thinking about the things that we do in houses that the rest of the world never gets to see but we all know go on, or suspect, but are kept from asking about due to privacy concerns or propriety or what have you.


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