More Houses

Some text I was going to submit to the gallery at my school for a grad show in my last semester. It will probably change again before I resubmit it:

Growing up in the suburbs, I was surrounded by diverse phenomena. In the buildings I noticed a similarity and blatant copying of house models and frequent repetition of designs. In the people I noticed the same. The streets were laid out in all directions and the parks were unconsidered. I found suburbia an interesting if unstimulating place. In it a certain homogenaiety masqueraded as heterogenaiety. Even though the model of house you owned was essentially the same as every other and you as a person were really no different from any other person, there was always the option to customise, appearance, decorations and behaviours. To this extent, the people that surrounded me readily adopted labels and definitions of who they were offered to them by others.

The physical reality of the world we live in defines who we are and allowed modes of thinking. Neighbourhoods that are in decay promote further vandalism, buildings that are separated from the street by a step or two discourage further investigation, colours affect our moods and certain shapes provoke emotional responses within us. The physical or emotional response to visual phenomena are difficult to qualify as they are subjective and are often disregarded because of their nature. I aim question the spaces we choose to call our own and the extent to which we are impacted by them, to question these relationships which are taken for granted daily.


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