Studio Work

I spent one month essentially doing nothing in my studio class. Well, I was doing something. I was stalling. I was trying not to do something that I was going to regret. I bought supplies. I procrastinated.

I was lying in bed and it hit me. What could I do that was going to satisfy all my needs?

I needed to:

  • make art that didn’t suck.
  • make something that would satiate my desire to say something deep.
  • not make it seem as if I was trying.
  • most of all I needed to make art about, around the subject of – something.

This all seems rather superficial but I was just spinning my wheels for a while. I was stressed and unsure that anything I made would be unappealing or unproductive.

Like I said, I was in bed and it struck me: I’d do houses. I’d do the places we (should) spend most our time. The places with huge negative and positive connotations: Grandeur- waste-growth-coziness. Its got it all. If you ask me, its a heck of a place to start.

This image is the first in a series. This version is still incomplete, I’ll post a newer image when I put it back on the wall. Its charcoal on Academia.


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