Artist Statement

Recently I’ve been thinking about how precarious an existance we  all live. The idea of human life is completely improbable and amazing. My roommate suggested the way I approach live is as a tourist: in the mind set where everything is amazing and new. Our bodies, its amazing to think, are made out of mostly empty space. Particles barely exist in the first place. They clump together in regular patterns to create cells and organisms that we know and love. Its just totally incredible that this happens at all if you ask me. When you’re busy thinking about existance, it gets to be a bit much to think about all of the mundane tasks that you need to do everyday. Shower, brush your teeth, wash your hands, eat, sleep.

When I stopped to think about it, all of these things we do in order to continue living. Washing your hands you do to keep from sickness. Sleep you do to recharge your body- to keep from sickness. Eating- the same thing. The only reason you do any of these things is to keep from getting sick or feeling pain or eventually death. I am constantly fascinated by the complex world we inhabit and the relationship that all of us have to it.

I am an artist. I create things. I am pretty good at what I do if I do say so myself. I am an observer. I like that. I plan to continue to explore these ideas of the how and why and continue to observe. The world is to amazing not to. My proposal is to further explore my ideas about reality through art. Ideally I will also find a way of reconciling the idea of the artist as creator and the art as the created. I prefer to find ways the two are one. The art as artifact of the artist.

Now if only I could make something worthwhile.


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