Dear CBC

I really love all your programming. One of my favorite is Spark. I love how you always talk about things that are relevant to my everyday life They have a blog, they have a radio show, they are contientious and they try to defend some of the most misunderstood things about young people these days: Their ‘addiction’ to the fast paced world of information that we call the Internet and its associated technologies.

At the moment I’m going to reference Dan Tapscott and his book Grown up digital and also everything bad is good. Personally I am interested in people’s understanding of the internet and specifically adults about the world of young people. Its so interesting because we don’t understand. We don’t understand each other. “We” don’t understand young people, we don’t understand old people so we shut them up physically and mentally and we close our eyes and pretend they don’t exist. I really enjoy your work, CBC, to demystify the world around us. I wish you’d be less pessimistic sometimes and stop dwelling on all the sensational, negative media, but I do believe there is a time and a place for that, so do not dispair.

Thank you CBC for your work, your interesting programming. Thank you for your hosts and thank you for being on, 24/7


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