2012 Calendar

This week, two scans from my Calendar. I made these originally for the Halifax Pop Explosion’s Zine Fair. A friend offered to sell them for me (I was at work) and they failed in the eleventh hour. Lucky for me, I finished them up anyways. They turned out well and turned out to be a hit! The calendarscan now be found at SEEDS Gallery, the shop for student and alumni work.

When I made them, I drew an image a day and missed one, so the images were all drawn in thirteen days and the boxes were drawn in just a few. Then I photocopied and bound them!! They’re so handsome.

The experience of working through something so quickly was really satisfying. The repetitiveness of the task allowed me to become familiar with the subject matter and make drawings that were more and more refined. It also let me experiment a little more. I found myself coming up with ideas when I wasn’t working. Creativity through the process of doing. It was an interesting experience, and really got me going.

I think I’ll do one again next year and I’m not as intimidated by print media. If I DO go for it, I’ll be sure to start with full knowledge of the supplies available to me, though. Apparently 8 x 20 paper isn’t a standard size for photocopiers! Who knew!!

Here are the images I promised, they’re photocopies of my drawings, 8×10.



Thinking about Prosperity

So the image I wanted to share today was one of this piece of wood that I painted in my studio. I thought it was really funny. I made a bunch of these where the little people at the bottom seem to be doing things completely unrelated to the things in the speech bubbles.

One thing that I found really funny about this and the other drafts I put together was that they were ambiguous as to what was happening. Are the people being painted talking about things? Are these people thinking about these things or are they embodying their various cultural biases? I don’t think there is an answer. Mostly because they’re funny regardless. Its all and none of those answers.

3x4 inches approx

Cooking up a Storm

Literally. Or, Actually, its a figurative storm.

I’m cooking a lot recently and feel great about it. I’m a little cooked out though so I’ll be sure not to share any pictures or dwell too long on this!

Lately I’ve been starting a lot of projects and hoping that that is not code for ‘too many projects’. Business cards, screen printing workshop, new works for an upcoming show, and a calendar are all in the works. Although… its yet to be seen if any of these projects come to fruition!

Approx 4x5 feet










With any luck, I’ll figure out the case of the missing February illustration and in the mean time maybe you’d like to look at a drawing that I did in my last studio class of my BFA? Its make on large Stonehenge with graphite and taltine solutions of various strengths. I think I will use this technique more, but its yet to materialise, this work.


Hi to anyone who reads and or looks at my blog. I have been very busy (no kidding) but I have made something recently and thought that I would share it with you.


I’m currently reading:

The trial by Franz Kafka,

When you are engulfed in flames by David Sedaris,

Factory Girls by Leslie T. Chang,

Starting your career as an artist by Angie Wojak and Stacy Miller.

The last one I have borrowed from my new favourite organisation: VANS! Its brought up a lot of practical questions about being an artist and creating work that I haven’t spent much time on before. Stuff like, setting your own goals for success so you can reach success on your own terms. It also advocates that you do copious amounts of reasearch on the galleries, shows, contests, museums, curators etc that you choose to work with so you can be represented in the most clear and accurate way possible. All very welcome advice as I’m a total newbie!

I probably would have done the research anyways but its nice to have someone else to tell me as well. There are also long form interviews and exerpts from interviews with prominent figures in the art scene and their takes on various issues and situations. Its a good read. If you want to be a serious artist, consider reading this book!

Also check out the piece that I made the other day. Its not much to look at but its something!

So I guess what happened is that I got elected as president of my student union, made one piece of art this summer and then didn’t take photos for a while. Never fear, all of my bad habits have been broken, even that pesky one that kept me from working enough in the studio! I’m back after a wonderful talk from my studio teacher.

So I’m thinking I’ll post these now and explain a little more about the work in the next, related post.

I’m still working with houses and I started this term a little bewildered and have kind of been turning sketches into larger drawings. Mind you these drawings aren’t particularly large. The first two have to do more with neighbourhoods and the third is a riff on the idea of many people coming together in close proximity. I’ve been thinking about things like the status symbol of houses and the way that houses bring us together in community yet separate us in a way. I’m also thinking about the things that we do in houses that the rest of the world never gets to see but we all know go on, or suspect, but are kept from asking about due to privacy concerns or propriety or what have you.


So I’ve stuck with the same subject matter and I have introduced colour. Its happening, slowly. I’m making things that I enjoy making and looking at afterwards. I don’t know if these are done yet or if I will have a few iterations of these but, for what they are, these are my two newest drawings.


.So this is where my house exploration has led me. Its still in progress, be kind. Gesso, charcoal and brown paper.